5 Essential Smartphone Apps for Photographers

1. Younity

Younity gives you access to all of your media stored on your computer — including your Lightroom and Apple Photos libraries. It's easy to set up and use, and has a great design. 

  • access your Lightroom folders, collections, and "Recent Photos" view
  • one-click post to Instagram
  • connect to any Airprint-enabled printer
  • stream ot a TV with Apple AirPlay or Apple TV (great for presenting your portfolio)

Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Anroid

Younity App

2. Easy Release

Manage model release forms from your phone — so you won't have to worry about carrying around and keeping track of paper forms.

  • edit client details
  • collect signatures
  • email forms as PDFs
  • personalize the header with your company's name and logo
  • keep track of signatures

Price: $9.99
Platform: iOs, Android

easy release app screenshot

3. The Photographer's Ephemeris

This extensive app helps you plan for outdoor shots. It’s a sun and moon calculator helps you see how the light will fall based on your location. 

  • time and direction of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset
  • phase of the moon and % illumination
  • times of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight
  • graphical display on a wide selection of map types
  • two topographical/terrain map types
  • movable map pins
  • shadow lengths displayed to scale on map
  • save locations
  • celestial events including moon phases, apogee, perigee, solstice, equinox

Price: $8.99
Platform: iOs, Android, Desktop

The Photographer's Ephemeris app screenshot

4. The Photographer's Transit

The sister app of The Photographer’s Ephemeris. It helps you scout out locations for outdoor shoots, with field of view visualization tools that help you decide which lenses to use. You can also play with composition from the app using Google Street View.

  • plan the best possible camera, lens and shooting location using the sophisticated field of view visualization
  • detailed elevation profiles allow you to scout sight-lines virtually
  • check if your planned focal length will capture your subject
  • offline maps and elevation charts
  • share your shot plan easily with friends or colleagues
  • works with The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Price: $8.99
Platform: iOS

The Photographer's Transit app screenshot

5. PhotoBuddy

PhotoBuddy lets you easily calculate camera settings on the go, such as depth of field, exposure and color temperature. The app has a well-designed, easy-to-use interface. Features include: 

  • view sunrise and sunset times for any location
  • calculate exposure changes (f-stop, shutter speed, ISO)
  • calculate depth of field
  • diffraction limit and angle of view calculators
  • use a gray wedge to determine white balance

Price: $1.99
Platform: iOS

PhotoBuddy app screenshot