Fairway Studios is a full-service photography studio rental space. Whether you shoot fashion, still life, celebrity, catalogs, food, products, or video, or you need space for interviews, castings, or parties, Fairway will meet all your professional and creative needs. From our inception in 1988, we’ve worked with client of all sizes and from all industries.

Why Fairway?

1. The location

We’re conveniently located in the Chelsea section of New York City, right around the corner from Penn Station and easily accessible by subway.

2. the space

We have two studios available for rent. Studio 1, sized 16x20’, can comfortably fit groups of 6-8 people while still leaving plenty of space to work. Studio 2, sized 20x24’, can accommodate larger shoots and can comfortably host parties of up to 20 people. It has a private entrance, and a service elevator nearby.

Both studios have hardwood floors, large windows letting in plenty of sunlight, and 12-foot ceiligns. Our space is clean, comfortable, and cozy. See photos and more details about our studios here.

3. the hours

We provide rentals 24/7. This includes nights, weekends, and early mornings. We’ll work with your schedule and do our best to find you a spot.

4. the equipment

Our rentals include much of the equipment you might need for your shoot: seamless paper*, Profoto lighting kits, flash heads, umbrellas, softboxes, boom stands, light stands, v flats, auto poles, and more.

We also have a large range of additional equipment available for rent, including cameras and lenses, light modifiers, wind machines, fog machines, and more. Check out our full list of equipment here.

5. the rates

With rentals starting at $175, our rates are affordable and competitive for the New York market. Click here to see a full list of rates.

6. the amenities

Our amenities include WiFi, iPod docks, air conditioning, clothing racks, hair and makeup stations, tables, chairs, couches, menus, mini fridges, a microwave, and more. 

We also have print and design services on-site, photography workshops, and model resources.

7. customer service

While we provide quiet, private rentals for our clients, we’re also readily available for assistance. If you have any questions about equipment or getting started, we’re happy to help out.