Preparing for Your Studio Rental

Booking your first photoshoot at a studio can be intimidating, but there’s no need to worry. Not only can your first studio shoot be a lot of fun — it’s also a great way to gain experience working with models, lighting, and professional photography equipment. Before you go out and purchase expensive lighting equipment of your own, you can try it out for a fraction of the price by renting a studio. Many include equipment with their bookings, or they offer it to rent for an additional cost. (Click here to see what equipment we have at Fairway.)

The more prepared you are, the more smoothly the day will go. See below for some tips on preparing before the day of your shoot so that you get the most out of your studio rental.

Find your subject

  • A professional model can help, but it's not necessary. If you're new and just hoping to get comfortable in the studio and acquainted with the equipment, you may even want to consider using a friend as your model so that you're more relaxed. Make sure that they can take direction and convey emotion.
  • Communicate with your model before the day of the shoot. Get them involved with the process, and ask if they have any requests. Be sure to let them know what to expect and about any plans, goals, or ideas you have. Tell them what the process will be like.

Have a plan

  • Think about how you'll use lighting, and have a few different setups planned out. (There are plenty of online resources and tutorials with setups.) This way, on the day of the shoot, you'll spend less time making decisions and more time getting the shots you need.
  • If you have multiple outfits, looks, or models to shoot, have a game plan — decide on the order beforehand.
  • Write your plans down, as well as any tips or important information you'd like to remember. Even if you don't refer to this sheet, it'll provide an added level of comfort.

Do your research

  • Find out what equipment is provided by the studio. If there's anything you're unfamiliar with, or anything you're not sure how to use, do your research. Of course you won't need all the equipment, but it's helpful to know what your photos might benefit from.
  • If there's any equipment you'd like to rent, check in the studio before the day of your rental. Confirm in advance that the equipment you'll need will be available.

Other considerations

  • Think about anything that might come up. Will you need parking, or a service elevator?
  • When booking, factor in time for setup and for anything that might slow down your shoot.
  • Get familiar with the studio's terms. Find out their cancellation and rescheduling policies. (You can find ours here.)