Photoshoot Prep Checklist

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when you're coordinating a photoshoot. We put together a list of some things to keep track of. Keep scrolling to download a PDF version that you can use as a checklist.

The Week of the Shoot

  • Confirm with everyone involved.
  • Send call sheet to crew.
  • Prepare mood board and/or shot list, lighting plans, etc.
  • Review equipment list. Indicate:
    • equipment you are bringing
    • equipment provided by the studio
    • additional equipment needed
      • Make arrangements for rental equipment if necessary.
  • Scout location; know what to expect.
    • Check out food and parking nearby, etc.

The Day Before the Shoot

  • Review equipment list and pack gear.
  • Charge camera batteries.
  • Pack backup equipment.
    • battery
    • memory card
  • Check camera settings.
  • Format memory card.
  • Clean lenses.
  • Check directions.
  • Review details such as shot list, client requests, etc.

DOwnload the checklist

Download our PDF version of this list that you can use as a checklist.